Egypt shuts down Cairo’s famous Al-Hussein Mosque as anti-coronavirus rules violated

Authorities in Egypt decided on Thursday to close one of the most famous mosques in Cairo, Al-Hussein Mosque until further notice. The decision was made following reports that some of the mosque goers were non-compliant with the anti-coronavirus precautionary measures mandatory since last week.
Some of the mosque goers had violate physical distancing rules and had remained in the mosque after prayers were over, according to a Thursday statement by the Egyptian ministry of religious endowments, which runs the country’s mosques,
Under the new regulations announced last week, worshippers are required to wear face masks when they pray, bring their own prayer mats, and keep at least 1.5 metres apart for the daily prayer services.
Mosques, which had been shut down since March to control the spread of the coronavirus, are also only allowed to remain open for 30 minutes for prayer services under the new regulations.
The ministry also decided to refer Al-Hussein Mosque’s imams and staff for investigation for “failure to perform their duties.”
Al-Hussein Mosque is located in Old Cairo and houses a religiously significant shrine.
Under the reopening regulations, doors leading to mosque shrines must be shut until further notice, in a bid to reduce crowding.
The ministry urged all worshippers, especially those who love the family of the Prophet – known as Ahl al-Bayt – to adhere to all precautionary measures, to avoid the closure of more mosques.

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