Egypt Telecom Ministry to Launch African Union’s Portal Today

Eng. Atef Helmy, Egyptian  Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is opening today the portal of the African Union and e-map of Alexandria chamber and Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

Ahmed Al-Wakil, head of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, has revealed that today the official website of African chambers will be launching in order to identify the export opportunities and increase trade exchange.

Al-Wakil added that an e-map of commerce and industry will be opening as a prelude for circulating it in chambers of commerce, after the success of the experimental phase of Alexandria chamber, with the support from ICT Ministry.

Al-Wakil has emphasized on the importance of the e-map for the promotion of investments in all governorates and the provision of the necessary information for scientific planning ,the achieve of  comprehensive development, in addition job creation in all sectors as a prelude for e-economic geographical map across republic.