Egypt thanks Cyprus after ending EgyptAir flight hijack

Egypt’s presidency expressed on Tuesday its sincere thanks and appreciation to Cyprus over their efforts to help end the EgyptAir flight hijacking situation that finished in Cyprus’s Larnaca.

“The Cypriot authorities have shown in the past hours a fast response, professionalism, and wisdom in dealing with difficult security challenges like the plane’s hijacking today,” the presidency said in an official statement.

“The leadership and governance of Cyprus in terms of cooperation and coordination reflected the depth of the strong friendship between Egypt and Cyprus,” the statement added.

“Such a relationship is an example of constructive regional cooperation that helps in achieving security and stability in the Middle East and the Mediterranean,” the statement continued.

Earlier, Cyprus’s foreign ministry announced that the hijacking of the EgyptAir plane carrying 55 passengers is over and that the hijacker surrendered to authorities.

The plane was heading from Alexandria to Cairo, before passenger Seif El-din Mustafa hijacked the plane, who claimed that he was wearing an explosive belt.

Judicial sources told Ahram Online that Egypt’s prosecution has decided to summon the chief of Alexandria’s Borg Al-Arab Airport and other officials to hear their testimonies over the hijacking.

An investigation is underway by Egyptian authorities to determine the real motives behind the hijacking.

Earlier, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC) reported that the hijacker may have had personal motives, adding that he had an ex-wife in Cyprus.

Cyprus’s President Nicos Anastasiades said in a press conference that the hijack was “not something which has to do with terrorism.”

source: Ahram Online

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