Egypt to regulate stray dogs, possession of dangerous animals

Egypt’s Agriculture and Irrigation Committee approved on Tuesday a draft bill to regulate possession of dangerous animals without license. In addition to measures to control the wide spread of stray dogs in the country.

The bill was drafted and introduced by member of Parliament Ahmed El-Sigini, chairman of the Local Administration Committee in the House.

El-Sigini explained the law by saying that “the draft law aims to address three issues: the problem of the spread of stray dogs in the streets, the possession of dangerous animals without a license, and other issues related to ownership of dogs.”

He also said that the bill is a step forward in a long-term strategy aiming to find a solution for the problem of the stray dogs.

Hospitals in 2022 face hundreds of injuries from dog bites in Egypt, including a number of deaths, said the Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar last month.

“This problem is part of a worldwide phenomenon on the streets of many capitals” said El-Sigini. He also added that “we have to address it by setting up animal shelters and providing proper medical care for animals as other countries do.”

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