Egypt.C.Bank Unveils EGP 66.3 bln Domestic Liquidity Till 1/ Sept

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), has revealed that the size of domestic liquidity reserves of banks operating in the banking sector up EGP 66.3 billion until 2 /9/2013, with down nearly EGP 13.3 billion in two weeks.

CBE has obtained a copy from this domestic liquidity reserves to hit around EGP 71.4 billion  in the period ranging from 20/8 to 2/9/2013, according to the latest report to Amwal Al Ghad.

CBE reduced the proportion of reserve requirement of the deposits with a local currency from 14% to 12% in March 2012, and it declined again to 10% in May 2012 to provide more liquidity for the banks operating in the banking sector.