Egyptian army kills terrorist organisation’s emir in central Sinai

The Egyptian Armed Forces announced in an official statement on Wednesday it has killed the emir of the terrorist organisation in central Sinai.

“The Third Field Army forces raided a number of rugged, mountainous areas in central Sinai and killed Nasser Abu Zakoul the emir of the terrorist organization in central Sinai during extensive fire exchange,” the statement read.

Egypt’s Armed forces found six automatic rifles, two hand grenades, large quantities of ammunition and a wireless communication device in possession of the emir, the statement added.

The raid in central Sinai comes as part of the two-month-old armed forces’ Operation Sinai 2018 in north and central Sinai against terrorist elements.

The operation involves land, naval and air forces, as well as the police and border guards.

“Third Field Army will continue their efforts to eliminate all Takfiri and terrorist elements in the area,” the statement read. Source: Ahram Online