Egyptian army still on hunt for crashed EgyptAir jet debris and body parts

The Egyptian army is still hunting for “more body parts” and other debris from a site in the Mediterranean where the missing EgyptAir flight is assumed to have crashed on Thursday. Thus, Ongoing efforts are being made to find large pieces of wreckage and the black boxes

On the other hand, EgyptAir set up a Family Assistance Center in support of the families of the victims according to a statement officially published on its official Facebook page.

Earlier, The Egyptian army and navy had found body parts, luggage, passengers’ personal belongings, and plane seats.

The military had said earlier on Friday that it had located “personal belongings of the passengers and parts of the plane debris,” in the sea 290km north of Alexandria.

The Egyptian authorities, assisted by forces from France, Greece, Britain, Cyprus and Italy, continue to scour the search area for futher debris from the plane that disappeared from radar while flying over the Mediterranean on Thursday. All 66 on board are presumed to have perished.

The Airbus 320 jet, which was flying from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens shortly after entering Egyptian airspace early on Thursday morning.