Egyptian FM heads to Tunisia for conference on Libya crisis

Egypt’s foreign affairs minister Sameh Shoukry will travel Monday to Tunisia to attend a meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing crisis in Libya, state news agency MENA reported.

The meeting will include ministers from Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Chad and Niger, as well as representatives from the African Union, the Arab league, the European Union and Libya.

Egypt’s ambassador to Tunisia told MENA that the conference will be preceded by talks between officials regarding Libya.

Egypt has maintained that a political solution is the only way to resolve the civil conflict in Libya.

In August 2014, Egypt hosted a similar meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries and proposed that all Libyan factions disarm and rebuild the police and army institutions.

Last week, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi told Italian daily La Repubblica that military intervention in Libya is “too risky” and that foreign powers should support the internationally-recognised government in the east of the country.

“If we give arms and support to the Libyan national army, it can do the job much better than anyone else, better than any external intervention that would risk putting us in a situation that could get out of hand and provoke uncontrollable developments,” he added.

source:Ahram Online