Egyptian Parliament’s Arab Affairs Committee refuses Govt’s Statement

Arab Affairs Committee, headed by Dr Mohammed Al Said Idris, declared today in a meeting its refusal of the government’s statement stated last week in PA by Dr Ganzouri; describing it as inefficient and lacks more details.

In a statement after today’s meeting, the committee illustrated that the statement didn’t take notice of Egypt through reviving the golden triangle project for integration among Egypt, Libya and Sudan. The committee sees the project represent a political, economic and strategic dimension, and it’s a fulcrum of Egypt’s role in reviving the Arab project for development.

The committee mentioned that the statement didn’t show Egypt’s role towards the Arab revolutions happening now in more than Arab country and are to expand to other Arab countries.

The committee noted that the statement ignored the state of Arab System and its development, and it didn’t provide any vision for reactivating this system during the current Arab revolutions, moreover, it didn’t have any depictions for the Egyptian communities in Arab countries and the government’s role toward them, as well it hasn’t mentioned any details about the ministry of foreign affairs development.