Egyptians & Lebanese Officials Discuss Economic Relations: Industry Minister

The Egyptian Industry and Trade Minister, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, has asserted that there are many discussions and negotiations between the Egyptian and Lebanese officials in order to review the exchange commercial and economic relations between the two countries throughout removing obstacles which facing them.

The Minister added within the conference which held by the Egyptian-Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association that the commercial exchange between the two countries up $ 1 billion, as well as $ 3.2 billion Lebanese investments in order to develop relations between the countries.

Abdel Nour has emphasized that the government is working to face many challenges which hinder its march, pointing out that the government has faced scarcity of industrial land problem throughout the amendment of Act of bids and tenders.

Abdel Nour has pointed out that the government will be allocating EGP 3 billion to complete the necessary infrastructure and trafiq the industrial area within 9 months as well as negotiating with the Environmental Ministry in order to allow cement plants by using coal as alternative energy for natural gas.