Egypt’s Cabinet reshuffle seen soon: MPs

Egypt’s Cabinet reshuffle is expected within the next few days, Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, a leftist MP representing the Cairo district of Zeitoun, told reporters on Monday.

Abdel-Ghani, other MPs and political analysts said they knew from informed sources that a cabinet reshuffle is imminent and that 10 or 12 ministers will be replaced. “I knew from informed sources that a cabinet reshuffle is close at hand, before the end of November,” Abdel-Ghani said.

Parliamentary Spokesman Salah Hassaballah told reporters on Sunday that in recent months MPs have voiced great concerns about the performance of some cabinet ministers responsible for service sector portfolios and that any cabinet reshuffle should take this into account.

Abdel-Ghani said the coming cabinet reshuffle must reflect the concerns of MPs about the performance of the government of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, particularly when it comes to social protection policies.

“I think any cabinet reshuffle should include the ministers of health, education, higher education and supply. Their policies in recent months have been dissatisfactory,” said Abdel-Ghani, adding that “on the other hand, we have cabinet ministers with high-level performance such as the ministers of housing, transport and electricity.”

Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Aal told MPs on Tuesday that the House of Representatives might hold an extraordinary meeting in the next two weeks. MPs speculate that the meeting will be devoted to reviewing an expected cabinet reshuffle.

According to Article 147 of Egypt’s 2014 constitution, the president may introduce a cabinet reshuffle only after consultation with the prime minister and the approval of an absolute majority of MPs , which must not be less than one third.

Abdel-Aal will head to the United Arab Emirates on 1 December to attend the celebration of the UAE’s National Day, marked for 2 December.

Source: Ahram Online