Egypt’s Diarna Real Estate eyes 1.5bn pounds sales in behalf of others at year-end

Egypt’s Diarna Real Estate Company says it targets sales of 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds ($85 million) on behalf of others at the end of 2018 up from 950 million pounds during the same period in 2017.

Reda El Menshawy, Diarna’s projects sector head, said Thursday that the firm’s total project portfolio includes 200 flagships for a number of major developers, notably the country’s Palm Hills and Al Ahly for Real Estate Development in the real estate market.

“The company (Diarna) seeks to open new offices in a bunch of the state’s governorates and Sixth of October City, 38km (23.6 miles) from the centre of Cairo, as well as a new branch in the Unities Arab Emirates within the next year,” El Menshawy further added.