Egypt’s ECG to manage Al Nouran Group industrial arm

Egypt’s Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) has won a management contract for Al Nouran Sugar Company’s factory with investments worth 2.5 billion Egyptian pounds (US$318.8 million) in El Salheyya el Gedida, ECG Chairman, Amr Allouba said Monday.

Allouba told reporters that Al Nouran Group industrial arm aims to create a 240,000 ton per day beet sugar production complex in the strategic location of Sharkiya governorate.  Set on an area of 356 feddans with investment worth 2.5 billion Egyptian pounds, the project seeks to fill 25 percent of Egypt’s sugar production shortage

Moreover, Sugar beet processing involves the transformation of the main raw material (sugar beet) into refined white sugar. The production process also results in two highly economical byproducts, molasses and fodder.