Egypt’s EMRA to announce results of mineral exploration tender before end-2016

The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) is set to announce results of its global public tender for exploring, extracting, and manufacturing mineral ores before the end of 2016.

EMRA Chairman Omar Taima stated Saturday that the tender is still in technical evaluation phase and announcing the results would be through state’s oil ministry.

The tender include exploring mineral ores in different nine areas all over Egypt notably South Sinai, Red Sea cost, and Marsa Allam, the head added.

He clarified that the tender is set to accelerate  pumping more investments during financial year 2016-17, thus, the sector would be able to achieve high growth rates.

Taima pointed out that the tender includes exploring a group of mineral ores notably;  lead, zinc, tin, quartz, and others.

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