Egypt’s exports to the Netherlands jump by 29.5 %

Egypt’s exports to the Netherlands has increased significantly by 29.5 percent during 2017, recording €269.7 million, compared to 208.2 million euros in 2016, Trade Minister Tarek Kabil said.

According to the latest report received by the minister about the development of the trade exchange between Egypt and the Netherlands during 2017.

on the other hand, The decline of Egypt’s imports from the Netherlands by nine percent during 2017 contributed to reducing trade balance deficit between Egypt and the Netherlands by 21.7 percent.

He pointed out to the notable development of trade relations between Egypt and the European country.

Oils, urea, glass fiber, aluminium, cables and textile topped Egypt’s exports to the Netherlands, he added.

Head of the Egyptian Commercial Service Ahmed Antar attributed the rise in exports to the efforts of Egypt’s commercial service in Hague, which worked on helping Egypt’s products enter the Netherlands market and on maximizing the benefit from the signed trade agreements between Egypt and the Netherlands.