Egypt’s Health Ministry launches coronavirus mobile app

Egypt’s Health Ministry has launched a mobile application designed to raise awareness about how to avoid coronavirus infection and how to deal with suspected symptoms, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Sehet Misr” application released by Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population

The application allows users to communicate with a professional team in case they show COVID-19 symptoms and provides necessary advice based on each case, Ahram Online reported.

The app also enables users to report suspected cases, whether in themselves or others, by providing necessary information for diagnosis and to determine the probability of infection. The system will then direct users to the next steps they should take.

By turning on location services, the application can also send alerts to users whenever they are close to or are at a location where coronavirus cases are present to help them take necessary precautions to avoid infection.

The application also offers various articles on prevention methods, bad habits that could result in virus transmission, as well as tips on improving immunity.

Accessing the app’s contents requires the use of mobile data.

All the data on the app is approved by the World Health Organisation and is constantly updated, the ministry said.

The application can also put users in direct contact with the health ministry via WhatsApp through a designated number.

The app also sends voice alerts recorded by Egyptian celebrities to remind people about precautionary measures to avoid infection.

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