Egypt’s ICT Minister Eyes New U.S Investments In Egypt

Today, Eng. Atef Helmy, Egypt’s Information and Communication Technology ICT Minister is moving to United State U.S for a business in the period between  25-30 March 2013 including San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and Seattle cities.

Moreover, Helmy has confirmed during his visit that the situation is stable in ICT market and able to absorb more investments within this phase, and reassure U.S. firms regarding the future of their investments and discussed the expansion of their business in Egypt and activating Egyptian-American partnerships specializing in ICT field and encourage them so as to start their activity outside Cairo governorate.

The minister will meet with a group of executive leaders of multinational American firms and the giant in ICT field ,the internet and its applications ,pay a visits to corporate headquarters and the most important activities such as Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and General Electric, Cisco, and Symantec, and United Air working in data hosting services and offer cloud computing services.

Within the minister’s presence a series of meetings extended with workers in the industry and the executives of entrepreneurs such as (The Indus Entrepreneurs TiE) and meeting Tech Valley is a leading non-profit , non-bias independent professional association connecting with the workers in Silicon Valley China.

Furthermore, through the visit and multiple meetings the latest technologies will be known in Information and Communication Industry  field such as cloud computing, the technological solutions to serve the administrative apparatus of the state, the measurements of open source, sustainable development ,green technology, technological innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and systems that serve the public sectors such as health and education.