Egypt’s ICT To Form 5 Committees For National ID Card Activation

Eng. Atef Helmy, Egyptian Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), said the purpose of Digital Identity Committee meeting chaired by Dr. Hesham Kandil, Egypt’s Prime Minister is to achieve the integration and modernization of data base existing in the ministries in order to increase the efficiency of providing data to serve the Egyptian citizen.

It was agreed to form 5 committees to reach an accurate plan so as to activate the National Identity ID in the Information Society ,to reduce the burden on the Egyptian citizen and to achieve justice.

The Minister has pointed out that the first committee aims to make integrated strategy, the second and third committees aim to compile and analyze the current situation, but the fourth committee targets to develop specifications of national ID card and the fifth committee mandated to make the necessary laws and regulations to comply with the strategic vision.

Helmy added that the government strategy is to achieve community development, and ( ICT ) sector targets to use information technology through creating digital community that aiming to achieve the social justice and revolution principles.

Helmy has emphasized during the press conference in the Cabinet headquarters, today Tuesday that today is the first meeting for the committee to agree on putting integrated strategy to use information technology, in addition, to agree on the general framework about how to use National ID mechanism to deal with all the ministries rules.