Egypt’s ICT to Unveil Details of Unified Licence Tomorrow

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Senior sources in the four mobile phone operators(Mobinil, Etisalat, Vodafone , Telecom Egypt) revealed that the operators had not seen the final draft of Unified Licence till now.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is planning to announce the details of new licence and to discuss the developing plan of ICT sector.

Licence fees for the provision of fixed services reached about EGP100 million while international gateway licence estimated at EGP1.5 billion, Mobinil has to pay 6% from its annual revenues against obtaining the gateway, according to Vodafone, international gateway valued at EGP1.8 billion and it must be paid after getting the licence after adding the 6% annual revenues.

The source added that they are waiting the official letters to ratify the pay of license, whether landline or international gateway.

Egyptian Cabinet agreed from few days on the executive measures and financial items which has taken by National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to apply the regulative frame of Unified Licence.