Egypt’s Industry Unveils to Pump EGP 930 mln to Provide Facilities

The minister of  industry and foreign trade, Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour, has revealed that he agreed with the Finance Minister, Ahmed Galal to pump EGP 930 million in order to provide facilities for 22 industrial zones within the coming period.

Abdel-Nour has emphasized to Amwal Al Ghad, that the total funds which agreed to pump them up EGP 3 million to support the fund of providing facilities  of industrial zones, and to benefit from providing facilities to 36 new  industrial zones during 9 months.

Abdel-Nour has explained that the Industrial Development Authority has provided facilities from 1692 plots of land, and it is scheduled to be allocated within days. Adding that the Authority has received 7 K requests from the industrialists developers so as to invest in those zones.

The Minister further added that the government is planning to take measures in order to save the Egyptian economy, stressing that the total number of non-performing factories reached 790 factories.