Egypt’s iron, steel exports rise 17.9% in 11 months

Egypt’s exports of iron and steel rose 17.9 percent to around $954 million during the first 11 months of the year from $783 million last year.

Around 55 countries imported Egypt’s iron and steel shipments during the January-November 2018 period, Egyptian Council for Building Materials (ECBM) said in its monthly report released on Wednesday.

“Italy was on the top of the list, importing iron and steel from Egypt worth $146.909 million from $122.7 million in 2017, marking a 16.5 percent growth,” the council said.

Egypt’s iron and steel exports to the Turkish market increased 65.9 percent to $102.523 million against $34.909 million last year. Meanwhile, exports to Algeria went up by 421.8 percent to $43.27 million, versus $8.293 million.

“Egyptian iron and steel exports to Spain grew 28.9 percent to around $107.454 million, compared with $76.343 million in 2017,”

Egypt’s iron and steel exports to Syria rose 28.8 percent to $66.87 million from $47.587 million, while exports to Sudan surged 15.5 percent to $61.685 million against $52.13 million.

“Exports to the United States dropped 10.3 percent to $82.715 million from $91.262 million,” the council said, adding that they also declined for Jordan by 13.2 percent to $28.041 million, versus $31.756 million in 2017.