Egypt’s Leading Brotherhood Figure Sobhy Saleh Arrested

Muslim Brotherhood leading figure and former Shura Council member Sobhy Saleh was arrested on Saturday in Alexandria’s King Mariout.

Over 1000 Muslim Brotherhood members have been arrested during the past week, including prominent Brotherhood leaders and leading Islamist figures associated with the group, many of whom have been charged with ‘inciting violence’.

The arrests have occurred under a one-month national state of emergency, which was announced by Egypt’s interim Presidency the day that two main pro-Morsi sit-ins were dispersed on 14 August.

Saleh was a member of the Shura Council and a member of the committee which drafted the 2012 constitution. He has been on a travel-ban list together with ousted president Mohamed Morsi and seven others since 4 July.

He already faces accusations of insulting the judiciary, which were filed against him in May 2013.

Source: Ahram Online