Egypt’s Minister Says EGP365bln Consumption Rates of Oil Products Annually

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The consumption rates of petroleum products reached up EGP365billion annually against revenues volume which do not exceed EGP60billion, the Minister Sherif Ismail asserted.

On the sidelines of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Conference, Ismail demanded the necessary of energy conservation in order to achieve positive impact and good return on the state’s treasury through pumping more investments in developing education, transportation and health.

There are many increase in consumption rates of fuel as daily quantities of natural gas have consumed up to 100 thousand tons, , 40 tons of diesel fuel, and the quantities of fuel oil ranging between 35 to 40 thousand tons of fuel oil per day, Ismail added.

It is currently working to inch producing natural gas rates in order to provide energy in summer season, Ismail noted.

The efficiency of industrial units and electricity stations must be raised  beside reviewing using of river transport and maritime and rail and mass, which will impact heavily on the provision of fuel consumption.