Egypt’s Moukhtar Ibrahim to deliver 6th October water plant – Phase II in 2020

Egypt’s construction firm, Moukhtar Ibrahim is planning to deliver the second phase of the Sixth of October Water Plant project within 2020, at a cost totalling 500 million Egyptian pounds ($27.7 million).

Mohamed Alkhatib, Moukhtar Ibrahim’s deputy chairman for financial and administrative affairs, said Monday that the project is one of the most important infrastructure flagships in Giza governorate.

In addition, Alkhatib added that this plant aims to double the capacity of water in Faisal and Hadayek El Ahram areas and to meet the needs of the overpopulation there.

“We already delivered the first phase of Sixth of October Water Plant last year,” the Egyptian official further noted.

Moukhtar Ibrahim is implementing the project under the auspices of the country’s Ministry of Housing, Alkhatib concluded.

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