Egypt’s stock exchange hits six-year low on Monday

The main index of Egypt’s stock exchange (EGX) hit on Monday its lowest level in almost six years.

EGX 30 plunged 3.59 percent to close at 8,685 points, marking its lowest levels since late August 2016.

EGX 70 EWI, index of the leading smaller and mid cap enterprises (SME), dived 2.57 percent to 1,655 points, while the fixed-weighted index, EGX 30 Capped inched down 3.29 percent to 10,679 points. In addition, the equal weights index, EGX 50 sank by 3.46 percent to 1,564 points.

The country’s stock market incurred around 15.2 billion Egyptian pounds ($80.5 million), as market capitalisation closed at 592.231 billion pounds.


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