Egypt’s Takeda Pharmaceutical to hold 1st Hodgkin lymphoma regional summit

Egypt’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company will hold two meetings for scientific exchange and sharing experiences in relation to Hodgkin Lymphoma.
The meetings consists of a regional summit which will be conducted on the 17th of January, and will be followed on the 18th of January by a Centre of Excellence in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit of the Air force Specialized Hospital .
The two meetings will be attended by the world’s leading experts from Germany, Denmark, Spain, different Arab and African countries and our Egyptian experts.
Hossam Kamel, the former president of Cairo University and pioneer of “Bone Marrow transplantation” in Egypt, confirmed that Hodgkin lymphoma can be detected and treated in the early stages, notably in the light of recent developments by relying on targeted therapy, immunotherapy and marrow transplantation operations.
The world is heading to establish standards and recommendations on how to rationalise the use of chemotherapy in the treatment of this disease in order to avoid its negative side effects, Kamel added.
Iman Gamal, Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Takeda Medical department added, that the programme aims to raise the level of Medical service provided to the Egyptian patient from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.
She clarified that the scientific platform conducted on January 17 is in cooperation with the Egyptian Haemato-Oncology Group (EHOG), which will honour Ayman  Mekkawy for his media efforts to increase health awareness among the Egyptian society through one of the leading Satellite channels.