Egypt’s Telecom Offers Tender to Provide Live Streaming Services for Tourism Sites

The Egyptian Telecom Ministry offered tender for implementing and operating live streaming sites in favor of Tourism Ministry under the name of ‘Egypt Now’.

The Ministry said March3 it will receive all the questionnaires from the interested firms in providing the tender and on March10 it will hold a session for opening envelopes.

The Egyptian Telecom Minister, Eng. Atef Helmy has previously revealed that the value of governmental projects that have been implemented since the beginning of the fiscal year of 2013/2014 and till now it reached EGP500 million so that the projects will be implemented in cooperation with the ministries and the governmental authorities among the protocols which signed by the ministry.

He explained that projects aimed to the development of IT infrastructure for government agencies to provide the tools and technology so as to help them to develop special services provided to the people.

Moreover, Helmy expected that 163 projects worth EGP2 billion will be offered by the next three years from (2014/2017), pointing the projects will activate the cooperation protocols between the ministries and governmental agencies that inked in the last year of 2013.