Egypt’s trade with Africa states 26% up in four months

The volume of trade exchange between Egypt and African countries rose 26 percent to around $2.043 billion in the first four months of the year, from $1.51 billion last year.

Trade exchange jumped 9.5 percent to $300.845 million in April, from $274.755 million in the same month in 2017, said the state-owned statics agency (CAPMSA) on Tuesday in a bulletin sent to Amwal Al Ghad.

Egyptian exports to African countries grew 25.6 percent to register $1.311 billion during the January-April 2018 period, compared with $1.043 billion last year.

Imports from African countries reached $732.37 million, versus $466.94 million, making a 56.8 percent increase.

Kenya captured 11 percent share of Egypt’s total exchange trade with African countries, reaching $224.806 million at the end of April.

Egyptian exports to kenya surged 36 percent to about $113.534 million, against $83.478 million. Egypt’s imports from Kenya climbed 53 percent to $111.272 million, from $72.744 million.

As for the trade exchange between Egypt and Ethiopia, it rose 33.4 percent to $60.99 million, compared to $40.604 million.

“Egypt’s imports from Ethiopia reached $1.441 million, up from $1.073 million, with a 36 percent surge,” CAPMAS added, saying that the Egyptian exports to Ethiopia rose 50.6 percent to $59.548 million, versus $39.531 million.

Trade exchange between Egypt and South Africa grew 6.9 percent, recording $86.769 million, compared with $80.763 million.

“Egyptian imports from South Africa jumped 16.6 percent in the first four months of this year, reaching $58.057 million, from $49.787 million last year,” the agency said.