Egypt’s trade with France rises 100.5% in ten months

The volume of trade exchange between Egypt and France grew 100.5 percent to around $1.871 billion during the first ten months of the year from $933 million last year.

Egypt’s non-petroleum imports from France rose 164.6 percent to $1.265 billion during the January-October 2018 period, Egyptian Industry and Trade Ministry revealed in its Foreign Trade Digest report on Sunday.

The imports stood at $478 million during January-October 2017 period.

Egypt imports from France engineering industries of $315.79 million, chemicals and fertilizers of $247.76 million, medical devices of $215.55 million, agricultural yields of $12.56, and handmade industries of $9.6 million.

“Egyptian non-petroleum exports to France increased 33.2 percent to around $606 million during the January-October 2018 period, against $455 million last year,” the report showed.

Egypt’s exports to France include fertilizers and chemical industries of $278.64 million, electrical and electronic equipment of $101.06 million, and garment of $43.96 million.