Egypt’s trade with Turkey rises 11.9% in January – CAPMAS

Trade exchange between Egypt and Turkey increased 11.9 percent to around $441.471 million in January from $388.747 million in the same period last year, according to a report.

“Turkey captured 5.7 percent out of the total value of the Egyptian imports last January,” said Egypt’s state-owned statistics agency CAPMAS said in a bulletin sent to Amwal Al Ghad on Sunday.

Turkey’s exports to Egypt climbed 46.2 percent to about $293.374 million, compared with $200.646 million in 2018,

“Egypt’s most important exports to Turkey represented in oil, mineral fuels, and distillation products of $56.791 million, 116.82 percent up from $482 million, followed by articles of iron or steel of $41.19 million, 169.3 percent up against $15.297 million,” CAPMAS said.

Egypt imported cars, tractors, and bicycles parts of $32.862 million, 59.9 percent up from $20.55 million. Meanwhile, articles of iron or steel imports from Turkey fell 31.9 percent to $14.894 million versus $21.876 million.

Egypt’s imports of boilers, machinery, mechanic, and application parts dropped 3.8 percent to $18.666 million, compared with $19.412 million last year.

Turkey ranked second in terms of being one of the biggest importing countries from Egypt last January, seizing 6.4 percent of the Egyptian exports to $148.097 million from $188.101 million in 2018, marking a 21.3 percent decline.

“Egypt’s most important exports to Turkey represented in plastics and articles thereof of $31.167 million, $18.9 percent growth from $26.221 million, followed by fertilizers exports of $21.156 million, 31.1 percent fall versus $26.221 million,” the agency added.

“Egypt exported mineral fuels, and distillation products of around $14.899 million from $556,000, marking a 2579.7 percent rise,” the report showed.

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