ElBaradei Asks Egyptians To Sign “Tamarod” Form

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, Chairman of Al Dostour Party (Constitution Party), and a Leader in the National Salvation Front (NSF), has asked crowds of Egyptians to sign the petition of “Tamarod” or “Rebel”, in Arabic, campaign so as to topple the first elected civil President, Mohamed Morsi.

 On his “Twitter” account, El Baradei described the current regime of the Muslim Brotherhood as fruitless and autocratic that “kills the spirit of Egypt’s revolution”, an attempt to deteriorate the revolution and its targets. So I call on, ElBaradei said on “Twitter”, every Egyptian person to sign the petition of “Tamarod” to get back our revolution.

 “Our strength is in our peaceful protest, number and unity”, said ElBaradei.

 It is worth mentioning that a group of peaceful Egyptian youth launched a campaign entitled “Tamarod” or “Rebel” last April in order to overthrow Morsi, who came to the office in 2012. Those youth, who launched the campaign, also called for massive demonstrations in 30th June 2013 across Egypt.