ElBaradei Calls For Urgent Meeting With Morsi, Ministers Of Defense, Interior

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, Chairman of Al Dostour Party (Constitution Party), and a Leader in the National Salvation Front (NSF), has called for an urgent meeting; comprising President Mohamed Morsi, Minister of Defense, Minister of Interior, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Al Nour Party and the National Salvation Front (NSF) to begin a serious dialogue in order to stop the violence.

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On his “Twitter” account, El Baradei wrote:” We need an immediate meeting between the president and the ministers of defense and interior, FJP, Salafi movement, NSF to take urgent measures to stop violence and start a serious dialogue.”

It is worth mentioning that the National Salvation Front (NSF), rejected the call for dialogue launched by President Mohamed Morsi; elaborated that the dialogue is a formal one.

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