Emirates NBD Egypt launches Rapid Recovery Covering Suez Canal Cities

In keeping with its commitment to the support of national projects and the Egyptian economy, Emirates NBD Egypt paid Friday a high-level visit to the site of the new Suez Canal project for members of the bank’s management in Egypt and the UAE. 

The purpose of the visit was to show support to those working on the project and support the creation of a Center for Rapid Recovery Covering Canal Cities to offer site workers emergency healthcare and rescue services. The value of supplies contributed by Emirates NDB Egypt exceeded EGP 4 million worth of caravans, tents, beds, blankets, living supplies and camp equipment for workers involved in the project.

The delegation included Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, Chairman of Emirates NBD Egypt, members of the bank’s board of directors Mohamed Hadi Al Hussaini and Abdulla Qassim, together with Shayne Nelson, Group CEO of Emirates NBD, Giel-Jan M Van Der Tol, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates NBD Egypt, and Sahar Al-Damati, Deputy Managing Director and Board Member of Emirates NBD Egypt.

The UAE delegation was received by Admiral Mohab Mamish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority who reviewed the major projects under construction as well as future canal expansion plans and prospects of increasing capacity and reducing the time taken by ships to transit from both the northern and southern routes of the canal.The Admiral also presented ambitious plans to launch added-value projects on the sidelines of the project as part of a comprehensive plan for the development of the Canal and maximizing its resources. Chief of Staff of the Army’s Engineering Authority Major General Kamel el Wazirand the supervisor of the New Suez Canal project,also accompanied the Egyptian and UAE delegation to inspect the digging sites of the parallel canal scheduled to open by mid next year. 

Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal, stated that the goal behind creating the center was to provide logistical support and emergency relief supplies in the Suez Canal region in case of any natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or landslides. The Center includes a mobile medical center to provide emergency medical assistance, consisting of ambulances, medical equipment and medicines, as well as fire engines, caravans and equipment such as tents, beds, blankets, food rations and pre-fabricated toilets. Admiral Mameesh added that Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, Prime Minister of Egypt, has approved the construction of this emergency center, and promised to provide all necessary forms of support to cover the Canal region.

Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, Chairman of Emirates NBD Egypt, declared, ”We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of all those in charge working on this huge national project, which represents a source of pride not only for Egypt and Egyptians,but for the entire Arab world. Asa token of our highest appreciation, we made this contribution to express our sincere gratitude for all those taking part in this project, which will feature prominently in Egypt’s bright future.”

Giel-Jan M Van Der Tol, Managing Director and Board Member at Emirates NDB Egypt, stressed that “the bank is committed to making powerful contributions in support of the Egyptian economy and the banking sector, whether by financing national projects, financing SMEs to provide job opportunities and boost development or by expanding in the country by investing in the latest technology and adding new branches across the country during the coming years. Emirates NDB Egypt plans to grow and is here to stay and supporting the Egyptian economy is an important goal.”

At the end of the visit, the delegation expressed its sincere wishes for the success of this national project, while stressing that Egypt is on the right path towards a new phase of growth and prosperity.