EOSB sustains L.E4.8 m Losses in 2011

El-Orouba Securities Brokerage (EOSB) has sustained net loss of L.E4.795 million during the fiscal year 2011, compared to net profit of L.E83.728.

The activity revenues, during the year, have slowed down %56 reaching L.E1.719 million and a slide valued at L.E2.202.378 million.

The general and administrative expenses have reached during the year around L.E6.145 million, with an addition of L.E1.977 million and a growth of %47 for the same fiscal year.

The total current assets amounted to L.E22.209 million, compared to L.E26.910 million in a previous year, while the total current liabilities reached L.E3.281 million, compared to L.E5.291 million.