Essam Sharaf: Suez Canal to be a Global Center by constructing an Independent Authority

The former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf called for constructing an independent authority with main duty which is to put a comprehensive strategic plan for developing Suez Canal; from Suez to Port Said. And it aims to transmitting it to a global center through many logistic centers.

In his meeting with members of transportation committee, he also called for having an organizational structure to study the project and handling any problems.

Essam mentioned that the new authority will build database for all Suez Canal studies; aiming to have a comprehensive vision for the project planning and specifying places of logistic centers as well the industries and the demanded service activities, moreover, having a global marketing plan. He recommended showing the ministry of tourism this plan in order to prepare its projects. And he assured that Suez Canal could be an industrial and logistical area for shipping, trade and industry projects.

The former PM referred to constructing new ports in Suez and Port Said and digging Ismailia Canal as the start of developing the area around Canal. He assured that this project is huge and considered as a big national one. He also talked about the development projects that Israel will start to implement; Dead Sea project as well the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea project.

On the other hand, the committee members explained the necessity of constructing this national project and preparing the needed legislations as well as encouraging the government to estimate this project.

The committee and a delegation of General Authorities for Roads and Bridges discussed urgent plans and also strategic ones for ending the problems of decreasing the gathered sums from high ways gates and scales. Eng Sabry Amer, chairman of Transport committee in PA, recommended increasing the workers’ salaries and also police shifts on roads.