EU provides €38 mln to bring first sanitation services to one million Egyptians

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has received €38 million in grants from the European Union (EU) to blend with its own investment of €186 million in the extension and upgrade of wastewater services in the Egyptian governorate of Fayoum.

The EBRD financing to the Fayoum Water and Wastewater Company is complemented by an EU grant investment grant of €30 million and over €7 million for technical assistance. In addition, the European Investment Bank is providing a loan of €172 million.

This investment will bring sanitation services to one million people for the first time, connecting their households to the wastewater network and the wastewater plant. The investment will raise the coverage of sanitation services in rural areas from currently just over 30 per cent to almost 90 per cent.