EU reaches deal to raise renewable energy target

European Union (EU) has reached a preliminary agreement on Thursday to boost the dependence on renewable energy sources. The decision is part of the process to revise the Renewable Energy Directive and adopt RED3.

According to the Associated Press, the European Council is set to raise the target of renewables from the current 32 percent to be 42.5 percent of total consumed energy by 2030.

The agreement also specifies 42 percent of hydrogen used for industrial usage to be generated from renewable fuels by 2030, as the percentage is estimated to reach 60 percent by 2035.

Under the suggested deal, nations are permitted to use nuclear energy in order to produce hydrogen.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen commented on the proposal saying it “will help us progress towards climate neutrality, strengthen our energy security and boost our competitiveness, all at once.”

The Russian-Ukrainian war has fastened the pace of EU’s transition towards green energy. Electricity generated from wind and solar reached 22 percent last year, overriding both gas and coal.

This course of action was motivated by the desire to reduce dependency on Russian oil and gas. The deal is awaiting for formal approval to come into force.


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