European Car Sales In Egypt Reach LE2.7bln In 1st 5 Months Of 2015

European passenger car sales reached EGP 2.7bn over the first five months of this year, out of the total passenger car sales in Egypt, which are at EGP 12bn.

13,200 European cars were sold, out of the market’s total sales, which reached 76,700 cars. The European automotive market acquired 17.2% of the passenger car market in Egypt.

The Škoda Octavia was on top of the most sold European cars in Egypt. During the period between the beginnings of this year until May, its sales amounted to EGP 6.6m, and the number of cars sold was 3,195 cars.

The Octavia acquired 4.1% of the passenger car market in Egypt, achieving approximately 24.1% of the market share for the number of European cars sold.

Meanwhile, the Renault Logan‘s sales amounted to approximately EGP 105m, acquiring second place after its sold cars amounted to 1,145 cars. The Opel Astra acquired third place in the list, with sales at EGP 166m and 949 cars sold.

Source: Daily News Egypt