Eva Pharma doubles antibiotics, blood clotting drugs production to help in treating Covid-19

Egypt-based Eva Pharma, manufacturing and sale of remdesivir, said that the company has doubled the production capacity of antibiotics and blood clotting drugs, that helps them in treating patients with the novel coronavirus pamdemic.

Sherif Omar, marketing head, told Amwal Al Ghad that the company introduced an anti-blood clotting “Apexatrac”, which contains the active substance “Apexaban” to the Egyptian market since January 2020, increasing  production capacity to 50 thousand packs per month due to increase in demand.

The company has also provided the isolation hospital with remdesivir Eva Pharma were pumped to the along with Vitamin B, D, C and Zinc.

The company has earlier announced that it has begun manufacturing antiviral drug Avipiravir, which has proved effective in treating coronavirus patients in Russia as part of ongoing clinical trials in Japan and other countries.

The company has signed a deal with Gilead Sciences for manufacturing and sale of remdesivir, which has shown promising results in treating coronavirus during two phases of initial trials.

The company has the right to manufacture and distribute the coronavirus drug in 127 countries.