EXCLUSIVE: Benin opens its gates for Egyptian contractors, technical partnerships – KOUFEIDJI

Benin has enormous investment opportunities, works on economic zone

Badirou KOUFEIDJI, Director of SETCA for technical studies and consulting, said on Sunday Benin is opening its gates for Egyptian contractors and investors as there are multiple investment opportunities in the infrastructure sector.

In an exclusive interview with Amwal Al Ghad English on the sidelines of the Eighth Edition of Builders of Egypt on Sunday, KOUFEIDJI stated that Egypt and Morocco have great potentials in training, expanding, and strengthening capacity and capabilities for the infrastructure sector in Benin.

“This is not my first time to attend Builders of Egypt Forum as I am a member of the African Federation for Construction Contractors’ Association (AFCCA), one of the organisers of this interesting event that creates an occasion for us; professionals, and contractors to meet to build business relationships with Egyptian entrepreneurs.” KOUFEIDJI further said.

Benin has over the past five years launched several investment projects, mainly in the infrastructure sector besides the establishment of an economic zone.

KOUFEIDJI, who is also president of the national association for the development of contractors’ skills (CONIDA-BTP-DCE), took part in the Reconstruction Schemes in Arab and African Countries “Potentials and Obstacles” panel at the Eighth Edition of Builders of Egypt. The panel discussed the mechanisms to a better implementation of development schemes in Africa and the Arab world to ensure stable growth figures, more job opportunities, and more attractive investment climate in response to the current global economic volatility.

It also tackled the hurdles that impede the progress of several partnerships signed among Egyptian companies and the entities engaging in reconstruction projects in the region. Further, speakers will demonstrate the areas of cooperation and partnership opportunities in Africa as well as the Egyptian companies’ stories of success there.

Under the rubric Egypt’s Propitious Momentum towards Construction Sector Exportation Regionally, the Eighth Edition was co-organised by the AFCCA and Exlnt Communications, an affiliate to United Media Services (UMS). It was held under the auspices of Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly.

*This interview was originally made in French and translated by Amwal Al Ghad English team

Badirou KOUFEIDJI, Director of SETCA, speaks to Amwal Al Ghad English on the sidelines of the Eighth Edition of Builders of Egypt in Cairo on Sunday, May 28, 2023




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