FEDCOC Calls Launch of Egypt-Sudan Integrated Economic Council

The chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) Ahmed El-Wakil called for forming economic integration council  between Egypt and Sudan in order to remove the obstacles of the real economic integration between the two countries.

He stressed that the role of the board is to achieve communication with the political leadership of the two countries , pointing to the need to speed up in the achievement of positive steps to provide the four freedom including  free movement of people , capital and the free movement of goods and services , and the removal of all border between the two countries in addition to the  abolition of all negative lists.

He explained that the necessity to move beyond bilateral relations phase and to start immediately to work together to invade foreign markets .

Furthermore, he illustrated that the commercial exchange between both countries has been doubled four times during the last five years, as the joint investments in all sectors such as agriculture, investment, tourism, real estate, energy and industry have been grown.