Federation of Egyptian Industries Unveils New Strategy for Energy Today

Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) will be holding today a press conference in order to announce for new strategy which prepared by the Federation.

The last period has witnessed Sustained works by the committee’s members to set strategy foe energy and according to the requests of each industrial sector especially in the light of the problems that faced the various industries as there is a deficit in linking the necessary energies to plants, Tamer Abu Bakr – Chairman of the Energy Committee, Federation of Egyptian Industries asserted.

Meanwhile, the Federation was set a plan for boosting the energies’ prices gradually, dividing into two categories the first for intensive industries such as iron, cement, Petrochemicals and fertilizers. The second has two departments (A) includes Porcelain and flat glass, ceramics and (B) includes the sectors with less energy consuming.

The federation suggested inching the gas price which directed to the intensive consuming from 6 to US$12 after 4 years from the application.



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