Four Egypt Ports Reopened Following Bad Weather Saturday: Official

Head of Red Sea Ports Affairs Hassan Fallah said Sunday Suez’s four ports have been reopened after being closed for five hours due to bad weather conditions Saturday, Al-Ahram Arabic news reported.

Fallah said the closure of the ports was crucial for the safety of ships and the ports.

The four ports are: El-Adabeiya Port, Port Sokhna, El-Zayteyat Port and Port Tawfiq.

Port Tawfiq focuses on passenger traffic; Port Sokhna and El-Adabeiya Port mainly receive trade; El-Zayteyat Port is a hub for petroleum traffic.

Fallah added that the Egyptian ship “Karama” had arrived to Port Tawfiq from the Saudi port of Jeddah, loaded with 12,000 tons of cargo.

The petroleum ship “Urdu Jazz,” coming from the Saudi port of Yanbu, arrived to El-Zayteyat. He said the ship was loaded with 6,500 tons of liquid butane.

On Saturday, winds increased to 46 kilometres per hour, with waves reaching four metres high.

Egypt’s north coast, parts of Sinai, and Cairo all saw rain Saturday, which is expected to continue Sunday.

Officials said that flights through Cairo International Airport have not been affected by the bad weather.