General authority of petroleum offers to refine the Libyan Oil

The general authority of Petroleum offered the Libyan Oil Corporation to refine 3 million barrels of Libyan crude per month in the Egyptian refineries; to benefit from the surplus available in local laboratories, the near site, and saving of expenditures related to sending these quantities to the refineries in the EU.

Engineer Hany Dahy –authority chairman- said that the delegation who visited Tripoli recently, suggested to the Libyan side to refine million barrels per month for the benefit of Egypt in the laboratories of MIDOR and Alexandria, beside refining 2 million barrels for the Libyan side, to meet the needs of the Libyan market.

Dahy added that the authority is waiting for the response from the Libyan Oil Corporation regarding the Egyptian offer, mentioning that there are different offers considered by the institution for the same purpose from other countries.

Dahy declared that the Egyptian delegation visit to Libya has came up with positive results, as the Libyan Ministry of Petroleum has agreed on resuming operations of the Egyptian companies branches in Libya, which are represented especially in Inpy and Petrojet, and also registering the Egyptian companies in Oil corporation to allow them participating in tenders and auctions raised by the oil corporation in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation of oil installations, which amounted to 15 billion $ within the next five years.

Dahy denied the existence of problems hindering in pumping of Libyan investments in the energy sector as the Libyan government called for freezing the Libyan investments in various fields to count them.