Germany aims to import more LNG from Egypt – ambassador

Germany is keen to import large quantities of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Egypt that will be used in homes, according to German Ambassador to Cairo, Frank Hartmann on Friday.

Hartmann added that Germany and Egypt share the same interests in terms of the production of renewable energy in order to protect the environment.

Germany supports the Egyptian goal of increasing the renewable energy component in the electricity production by 42 percent, Hartmann stated, highlighting Egypt’s huge potential producing natural gas field.

According to the Ambassador, Egypt and Germany have various intensified cooperation in field such as solar and wind power. Germany will further cooperate with Egypt in the production of green hydrogen in the future.

Egypt and Germany signed two MoUs in November to cooperate on the production of green hydrogen and trade LNG. In this agreement, it was decided that Germany will help Egypt in building a sustainable green hydrogen value chain.

Noteworthy that the North African country aims to be a green hydrogen hub and it has already agreed to produce hydrogen in cooperation with European countries.

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