Gold prices in Egypt fall by EGP 11, 21-carat gold at EGP848 per gram

Gold prices in Egypt today declined by 10 Egyptian pound, the price of 21-carat gold, the most popular in the local market, registered 848 Egyptian pounds.

The price of 24-carat gold has registered 969.10 Egyptian pounds. The 18-carat gold also was at 848 pounds according to Ehab Wasfy, deputy head of the gold division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce told Amwal Al Ghad.

The table below demonstrates the prices of gold in Egypt in Egyptian pounds (EGP) Monday September17, 2020:

Carat Price
24-carat 969.10 pounds
21-carat 848 pounds
18-carat  726.85 pounds
Gold pound   6784 pounds
Gold ounce $1945


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