Govt Collects EGP344mn to Establish 3 Industrial Complexes in kafr El-Sheikh

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Egyptian Industry and Trade Ministry has collected around EGP344 million in order to implement 3 industrial complexes in different productive fields in  Metoubes- kafr El-Sheikh Governorate of Egypt.

Amwal Al Ghad get from the Ministry on the detailed data for these complexes which come as  follows:

The first complex extends on an area of 45 feddan with about EGP179 million cost specializing in producing handmade carpets and upholstery.

The second complex specializes in food industries especially industries based on fisheries, the complex extends on an area of 14 feddan as it could be divided into a numbers of productive units each area is 570 meter square with EGP65 million investment cost for the project and it is expected that the implementation processes will be finalised during the first half of 2015 as well as providing 1500 direct job opportunities.

The third complex specializes in feeding the industries of heavy transport and it extends on an area of 15.5 feddan so that it will be divided on a numbers of productive units, each area is about 570 meter square with around EGP100 million investment cost for the project, the implementation processes may finalise within the first half of the next year along with providing 1200 direct job opportunities.