Greek Consul: Egypt’s Exports To Athena Hike, Joint Council Due In Dec

The General Consul of Greece to Alexandria, Christos Kapodistrias, unveiled that the volume of the Egyptian exports to Greece increased by 10% during the first quarter of 2013 to reach EGP 344 million, compared to EGP 287 million at the same time of 2012.

The Greek Consul expected finishing the formation of the Egyptian Greek Business Council by the end of 2013. The council will assist in supporting and deepening the bilateral relations between Egypt and Greece. It also will achieve an economic alliance between the two countries amid the very similar economic crises that the two countries are suffering.

Kapodistrias underscored the significance of strengthening the cooperation between the Greek and Egyptian sides; saying that “we have to exert additional efforts to boost the investment as well as the trade exchange between Egypt and Greek.