Higher education graduates number rises 22.7%, hits 378K in 2015: Egypt’s CAPMAS

The total number of higher education graduates climbed to 378,000 in 2015 versus 308,000 in 2014, making a 22.7 percent increase, Egypt’s state-run official statistics agency CAPMAS announced Thursday.

In its monthly bulletin, CAPMAS stated that the number of public universities graduates recorded 253,000, representing 66.8 percent of the total number while private universities got 2.4 percent of the total number in 2015.

The Egyptians obtained 261 higher degrees from foreign universities, getting 0.2 percent of the total graduates number in 2015.

Germany came at first rank in the number of degrees granted to Egyptians by foreign universities in 2015 with 48 degrees, representing 18.4 percent of the total number.

Following Germany, Egyptians were granted 46 degrees from Canada (18.4 percent) while they were granted 27 decrees from U.S. (10.3 percent) and 22 degrees from England (8.4 percent).