Housing Ministry on track to execute water, sewage plants in Upper Egypt

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Egypt’s First Deputy Housing Minister said Sunday the ministry is carrying out drinking water and sewage stations projects in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya, at costs of 768 million Egyptian pounds ($43.2 million).

Randa El Menshawy added that these projects include the expansion works of a drinking water purification station in New Minya City, north east of the Nile and 250km (155.3 miles) far from Cairo.

“The expansion works are set to be completely executed at the end July,” El Menshawy stated, referring that this station is with an expected cost of 53 million pounds and at a capacity of 45/95,000 cubic metres per day.

As for the second station, the Egyptian official unveiled that it is being executed in Abu Qirqas area in Minya, at a cost estimated at 680 million pounds and a capacity of 204,000 cubic metres/daily.

“The first phase will be finalised at a capacity of 102 cubic metres/daily within July 2018,” El Menshawy noted.

As for the third station, El Menshawy said the Ministry of Housing is currently stablishing it in Beni Mazar City, on the west bank of the Nile, at a cost worth 35 million pounds.

As for the fourth station, she referred that the ministry is implementing a wastewater treatment station in New Minya City, at a capacity of 140,000 cubic metres per day. This station is to be completely carried out at the end of September 2018.